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Business Development Program

Introducing Business Development with Chaymeriyia: My mission is to empower brand founders in any industry to eliminate excuses that hinder personal and business growth. For new or veteran entrepreneur, I understand that starting and scaling a business can be overwhelming and confusing. That's why I'm here to provide quality mentorship through guidance, communication, and non-BS accountability.

My program is designed to help you determine where you are in your business journey and create a game plan to expand and grow. I don't just talk the talk, I get to work alongside you. Having raised over $9M and generated over $14M across my startups, I'm determined to help other entrepreneurs apply the same principles to building and scaling their businesses.

While I have a passion for the e-commerce space, I understand that every business is unique. My expertise also extends to apparel brands, having generated over $700,000 in sales in just one year in this industry. I believe that with the right guidance, support, and accountability, any entrepreneur can achieve success. Let me help you turn your hustle into a thriving business.





Starting the Journey.

Stuck behind the Scenes.

Need to get Legit.

Taking a leap into business isn't for everyone and that's understandable. But many know that they are ready but hesitate because the journey to start is confusing. This mentorship is for you.

The legwork that's required to get things going can be a whirlwind. Branding, Websites, Products, marketing, and the whole nine yards--it's crazy. The mentorship helps you navigate through these processes.

Getting your business on the legal side is one of the most confusing things for many entrepreneurs and that's understandable. This program is perfect to help you navigate through all the legality you need for your business.


Market Research | Product & Services | Pricing | Determining your Target Market | Creating a Business Plan | Accounting Setup



a specified state of growth or advancement. 

an event constituting a new stage in a changing situation. 



Creating your Identity.

The best part of this program is helping you bring your idea to life through. Your brand's identity is the main attraction of your growing business. You no longer have to skip this part but embrace it with help.


Finding your biz online home.

Finding a place for your website can be a hassle when starting your business. Having a great home for your products and services is the key to your ability to scale when using the right platform.


Content is king to growth.

Many entrepreneurs hate making content or don't know how to really get started in this arena. This program will help you with creating content and finding marketing tactics that work best for you.


Creating Content | Growing your Social Media | Marketing your Products/Services | Building a Community


The agenda for this program will vary. Some of you may just be starting out and some of you may already have things in action. After our meet and greet, this will help me understand where you are and build out a personalized agenda for our 12-weeks.

Week 1: Introduction and Gameplan

  • Introduce Discovery + 1-on-1

  • Introduction and Gameplay Creation

  • Set personal and business goals for the next 12 weeks


Week 2-3: Market Research and Product Selection

  • Learn how to conduct market research in your industry

  • Discuss product validation, ideas, and product/service selection

  • Select their first product/s to sell and market


If you already have products, we will do a full in-depth audit of your current product and services.


Week 4-5: Branding and Website Design

  • Discuss website design, identity, and branding

  • Set up a Shopify store (eCommerce brands)

  • Migrate Store to Shopify

  • Create Logo Design (If Ready)

If you already have a website and branding, we will do a full in-depth audit of your current online and branding presence.


Week 6: Setting up Suppliers and Ordering Inventory

  • Learn how to find reliable suppliers

  • Learn how to find and vet manufacturers

  • Ordering Samples and Vetting Products

Week 7-8: Community Building + Content

  • Learn how to build a community online

  • Learn how to create content

  • Learn Content Consistency


Week 9-10: Marketing

  • Learn how to run ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email/SMS Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Learn how to build an email/Text list

  • Discuss how to create effective email/SMS campaigns


Week 11: Reflection and Next Steps

  • Review the progress made over the past 12 weeks

  • Discuss the next steps for the business and the importance of continued learning

  • Set another 12-week gameplan for self-scaling


Week 12: Accountability, Consistency 

  • Learning Effective Planning and Goal Setting

  • Creative effective Content Schedules

  • Opening Business Bank Accounts

  • Getting Legal Legwork Completed (EIN, LLC, Business Licenses, etc)


Funding + Pitch Deck

Over the last few years, I have raised over $10M for my brands combined. Getting funding is a consistent process and a boost to getting started goes a long way. In this mentorship, eligible mentees will receive my brand's pitch deck and resources and platforms to raise funding for their brand.

Getting Press

Getting press and putting my brand in front of millions has helped boost my brand's credibility thanks to the amazing writers that chose to do pieces on my startups. Features in Afrotech, Black Enterprise, and Yahoo have all done some dope things for my me and brand and I want to share these same resources with you.


Getting You Forward

Even if you have already started your business, that's ok. Mentorship isn't always about helping you get started, it's also about keeping you moving forward. The meet and greet between us will help me understand where you are and what we need to work on. Your 12-week program is all about working on a game plan to get you where you want to be in your business.


Chaymeriyia Moncrief

Chaymeriyia Moncrief


You may have seen me or companies in Yahoo, AfroTech, ABC, TravelNore, and many other places. Now even though I have 2 multi-million dollar startups, I don't teach you to make "millions" or make promises of unlimited wealth-- everyone applies the game differently.


I teach steps, strategies, and guide entrepreneurs through processes that I've learned personally that's helped me get my brands where they are today. I believe in keeping it simple and straightforward. In this age of social media and digital, we have the unlimited potential to apply anything and find success with the right guidance and direction.

How it Works

For 12-weeks I will meet with each Mentee once per week for 12-weeks in 1-2 hour sessions. Understanding that everyone has varying schedules, once you have joined, we will spend time determining the best schedule for you to ensure it's effective for us both to get things done!

What you Need

12-Week Program


REG. $2,500 (Sale Ends 3/23)

  • 12-Weeks 1-1 Development

  • Welcome Pack (Notebook, T-shirt, Poster)

  • Logo Design + Domain + Email (Coach Gift)

  • Help with Brand Activation

  • Content Creation + Ads and More


How do I pay for the program?

Due to the nature and cost of the program, Payment methods can be discussed upon approval to join. At $2,500 the program can either be paid via Zelle or Bank Transfer. With the cost of $2,500 card payments are limited on this program for new mentees. Cash App is also a limited payment method for the program and is only allowed if it's your only resort.

How often will this program take place?

This 12-Week Mentorship Program will only happen once per year.


Why is it limited to only 25 mentees?

This program involves 1-1 sessions. Limiting the number of mentees in the program ensures I can effectively connect and work with each mentee to the best of my ability.


Will it be in person or virtual?

All meetings will take place virtually.


How will the program be tailored for me?

Each mentee is different and in different places in their business, after our first meet and greet, we will discuss where you are so that I can create a personalized 12-week agenda.

What are the mentor gifts?

This includes me purchasing each mentee's Domain Name, a Logo design for their business & setting up your business email. This gift is initially for all mentees who have not yet started or have started and have not purchased these things. Other gifts such as T-shirts, Notebooks and etc are shipped.


Thanks for joining!

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