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The last eBook Bundle you'll ever need!

10 eBook to Learn from Daily!

I have finally decided to bundle all my ebooks together and create one big package! It includes the entire ten books of my "Just Start the Damn Business" Book Series. These ebooks have amassed over 10,000 downloads, and bundling them is my milestone celebration. Learn about how I made my first million, the ins and outs of influencer marketing, creating social media ads, and so much more!

8 Books + 2 mini ebooks and worksheets for your Collection!

Book 1; The Basics of Starting:

  • Market Research

  • Products/Services

  • Your Target Market

  • Your Logo/Website

  • The Legal Stuff

  • Marketing

  • The Business Plan Layout

  • Resources

Book 2: Influencer Marketing like Pro

  • Collaboration Agreement

  • 60 Influencers to Collaborate With

  • 15 Social Media Pages to Repurpose your Content



  • The Juice of the Influencer

  • How to Find Influencers

  • How to Approach Influencers

  • Pricing/Content/Usability

  • Repurposing the Content

  • Collab Agreement

Book 3: My $100k Side Hustle Secrets

  • 8 Hustles to Start

  • 10+ Vendors

  • 30+ Resources

  • Wholesalers

  • How-Tos


Book 4: Understanding the Stock Market
Book 5: How to Ensure Profitibility
Book 6: Complete Guide to Running Ads
Book 7: Create Courses & eBooks
Book 8: Making my First Million

Bonus Mini-eBooks Included:

Outside the 9-5: Use your job to monetize your Skill Set
Income Book Sheets

Please be sure to use the proper email address because your download link will be sent directly to your email address on your order.

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