28 Habits for my 28th Birthday

28 Habits for my 28th Birthday

We create habits every day but are they positive or negative habits that benefit us and our wellbeing and contribute to our growth?

A month before my 28th birthday, I wrote down 28 daily habits I wanted to make a routine throughout my day. Many of them are already a norm to me, but I believe that our productivity lies in the habits we create for ourselves.

So, I added more.

Here's my list:

The BOLD are habits that are now automatic for me

  1. Sleep by 10PM
  2. Waking up at 5AM
  3. 1-Hour Reading
  4. Limiting Daily Sugar Intake
  5. Journaling
  6. Planning Ahead
  7. Setting Daily Goals
  8. 1 hour Coding Sessions Daily
  9. 10- Minute Meditation
  10. Prioritizing Self Care
  11. Daily industry Study
  12. Writing (Daily Brain Dumps)
  13. Skill Study 1 Hour
  14. Positive Self Talk
  15. Creating Content (Video or Written)
  16. Zero Complaining
  17. Timed or Random Walks
  18. Complimenting Others
  19. Patience/Self Control
  20. Giving Daily
  21. Zero Gossiping
  22. Gratitude
  23. Making Bed
  24. Creating Memories
  25. No Phone for first hour of the day (Sometimes I Slip)
  26. No phone 1 hour before bed (Sometimes I Slip)
  27. Reading 30-Minutes before bed
  28. 1-Hour Mid-day Reset (I tend work in overdrive with no reset)

What I want you to do is, write down some daily habits you want to incorporate into your life and your daily activities. Below I have created a free downloadable sheet for you to write down those habits & track your daily process.

Most habits take up to 60 days to fully form automatically— so it’s ok to track and check off until it’s automatic for you.

This sheet can be printed or used on your tablet (GoodNotes Compatible).


Download Sheets Free:


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When you begin writing down your habits, I love to know what habits you're taking on and practicing. Tag me on Instagram and/or Facebook at @chaymeriyia

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