Business Development Program

Introducing Business Development with Chaymeriyia: My mission is to empower brand founders in any industry to eliminate excuses that hinder personal and business growth. For new or veteran entrepreneur, I understand that starting and scaling a business can be overwhelming and confusing. That's why I'm here to provide quality mentorship through guidance, communication, and non-BS accountability.

My program is designed to help you determine where you are in your business journey and create a game plan to expand and grow. I don't just talk the talk, I get to work alongside you. Having raised over $9M and generated over $14M across my startups, I'm determined to help other entrepreneurs apply the same principles to building and scaling their businesses.

While I have a passion for the e-commerce space, I understand that every business is unique. My expertise also extends to e-commerce brands, with my biggest being in apparel, having generated over $700,000 in sales in just one year in this industry. I believe that with the right tools, support, and access, any entrepreneur can achieve this. Let me help you turn your hustle into a thriving business.




Stuck and going nowhere?

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is getting stuck along the way. You may have completed everything you need, such as branding, legal legwork, and product development, but still find yourself at a standstill when it comes to scaling.



Trouble Building a Community?

Building a community is key to business growth! In this digital era, creating content is the epitome of expanding your audience. Are you struggling with content ideas, setting up your online presence, and positioning your brand for growth? That's where I come in!



Suck at Marketing your brand?

Marketing is an essential component of any successful business. What's the point of having amazing products and services if you don't know how to effectively market them and reach your target audience? I’m a firm believer in working smarter and not harder and I’ve found various outlets in marketing that allows me to do just that.



A Game-Plan to get Unstuck...

I launched this program because I understand what it's like to feel stuck in your business and struggle to scale and achieve your goals. Launching two startups took me through a challenging journey, and I realized that many others may be struggling with launching, scaling, marketing, and building a community to grow their business. After successfully building two startups with million-dollar revenue in the last five years, I said, now I have a game plan to help others get unstuck and achieve their business goals.



The agenda for this program will vary. Some of you may just be starting out and some of you may already have things in action. After our initial meeting, this will help me understand where you are and build out a personalized agenda for our 12-weeks.

Week 1-2: Current State Assessment

  1. Product Evaluation: Review your current products, including quality, packaging, branding, placement and pricing.
  2. Market Trends: Research emerging trends in your industry and consumer preferences in the e-commerce space.

Week 3-4: Market Research and Strategy

  1. Target Audience Refinement: Define your ideal customers' demographics, preferences, and buying behavior.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Analyze other e-commerce brands, their product offerings, and customer engagement.

Week 5-6: Online Presence Enhancement

  1. Website Audit: Evaluate your e-commerce website's user experience, navigation, and checkout process.
  2. Content Strategy: Plan engaging product descriptions, blog posts, and multimedia content.

Week 7-8: Social Media, Community Building and Marketing

  1. Social Media Plan: Develop a content calendar for regular and visually appealing posts on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook.
  2. Email Marketing: Create a subscriber list and set up email campaigns to showcase new products and promotions.
  3. SMS Marketing: Building Text Leads and setting up text campaigns to connect with your community through peer-to-peer content.
  4. Influencer Marketing: Learn to leverage the community of others to build awareness and brand exposure for your brand,

Week 9-10: Partnerships and Collaborations

  1. Influencer Outreach: Identify influencers or bloggers to collaborate with for product reviews and endorsements. Creating compelling content through influencer to leverage the UGC.
  2. Cross-Promotions: Partner with complementary brands for joint marketing efforts or bundled offerings.

Week 11-12: Brand Activation, Sales Push and Growth Analysis

  1. Activate Final Brand Components: Take all components of the program and activate it into brand, online presence and active brand movement,
  2. Activate Collaborations: Activate first collaborations and analysis growth, response and engagement in collaboration vs organic.
  3. Analyze Growth: Analyze social, community and brand growth from agenda implementation.


Funding + Pitch Deck

Over the last few years, I have raised over $10M for my brands combined. Getting funding is a consistent process and a boost to getting started goes a long way. In this mentorship, eligible mentees will receive my brand's pitch deck and resources and platforms to raise funding for their brand.

Getting Press

Getting press and putting my brand in front of millions has helped boost my brand's credibility thanks to the amazing writers that chose to do pieces on my startups. Features in Afrotech, Black Enterprise, and Yahoo have all done some dope things for my me and brand and I want to share these same resources with you.



Am I a Good Fit?

Hell Yes! This 12-week program is designed to assist you in starting, launching, and growing your business. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to turn your side hustle into a full-fledged business, the program agenda is tailored to fit your needs and help you step into your entrepreneurial journey.





When building a business or turning your passion into income, you have to understand that it's a process and in business it can be the most rewarding process there is! When you're tired of being stuck, tired of not being to meet your quotas or just tired of professionally remaining in the same position month after month and year after year...maybe it's time for some coaching through the process.



Chaymeriyia Moncrief 


You may have seen me or companies in Yahoo, AfroTech, ABC, TravelNore, and many other places. Now even though I have 2 multi-million dollar startups, Tesix Wireless & NSPRE. I don't teach you to make "millions" or make promises of unlimited wealth-- everyone applies the game differently.

I teach steps, strategies, and guide entrepreneurs through processes that I've learned personally that's helped me get my brands where they are today. I believe in keeping it simple and straightforward. In this age of social media and digital, we have the unlimited potential to apply anything and find success with the right guidance and direction.



How do I pay for the program?

Due to the nature and cost of the program, Payment methods can be discussed upon approval to join. At $2,500 the program can either be paid via Zelle or Bank Transfer. With the cost of $2,500 card payments are limited on this program for new students but can be discussed.

Existing students who are extending their program are welcome to pay via card if needed.

How often will this program take place?

This 4-Week Development Program will only happen per acceptance

Why is it limited to only 25 mentees?

This program involves 1 on 1 sessions. Limiting the number of students in the program ensures I can effectively connect and work with each student each week.

Will it be in person or virtual?

All meetings will take place virtually via Zoom.

How will the program be tailored for me?

Each Student is different and in different places in their business, after our first meeting, we will discuss where you are so that I can create a personalized 12-week agenda if needed.


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