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Chaymeriyia Moncrief

My 6 $100K Side Hustles

My 6 $100K Side Hustles

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154-Pages Total 🤯

In the 3rd Installment of
"Just start the Damn Business" I finally release every $100K side hustle I'm currently running. From giving all wholesale websites, vendors/manufacturers, and step by steps to launching. This book is 150+ pages of game you can apply in under 30 days!

Being the most detailed book of the series thus far, I'm giving away plays to replicate and start with zero to under $1,000. Inside I explain 6 Side hustles to start, plus a Bonus Hustle, provide 10+ vendors that I use, and the best places to sell your products and market your side hustles.

Being that these side hustles have the ability to be more than just side money, you have the ability to truly implement these hustles and make them your main source of income.

Now, I'm not one to promise results because we all work differently. But with the resources given, you can start adding extra cash to your pockets as soon as you start executing.

Inside the Book

  • 6 Side Hustles + 2 Bonus
  • 10+ Vendors
  • 6 Manufacturers
  • 30+ Resources
  • Online Wholesalers
  • How-Tos

Vendors/Manufacturer Industries

  • Vending
  • Digital Kiosk
  • Security + Drones
  • Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • GPS/Tracking
  • Container Homes
  • + more
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