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Chaymeriyia Moncrief

How to Ensure Your Brand’s Profitability

How to Ensure Your Brand’s Profitability

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Profits are the name of the game! In book 4 of the series, I want to talk about everything I've learned in my entrepreneurial journey and put it all in one place! in book 4 of the “Just Start the Damn Business” book series and this time I talk about profitability.

I go over everything that I've learned over the past five years launching two startups and even further back when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. In this book I go into detail on how to ensure your brand’s possibility, common mistakes we overlook, and being sure not to overlook any expenses that we as business owners tend to overlook that cost us our profits.

Even better, I touch subjects like properly pricing your products and services to be sure you're turning a profits and not short changing yourself.

In the food industry? I threw in a vetted wholesaler from one of my startup investors for you to check out for your restaurant, food truck, etc. (Yes, this ties into one of the chapters)

Inside the Book:

  • The Overall Guide (Calculating Pricing)
  • Understanding your Expenses
  • Self Managing Income/Expenses
  • How to Negotiate in Wholesale
  • eCommerce Apps Recommendations
  • Finding a CPA
  • Work-pages
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