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Idea to Start up is one of my largest books to date and the first round of books will only have 100 copies available. All purchases will include a 1-hour 1-on-1 session to go over the contents of the book when their copy arrives. Starts shipping August 18, 2023.

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Idea to Startup: SNIPPET

Idea to Startup: SNIPPET

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Get a brief rundown of the differences in the legal business structures in this 10-page snippet. The basic breakdown of each structure will be provided. For a comprehensive understanding and real-life scenarios, consider reserving your copy of the full physical book here.



Having founded two startups and experienced numerous roadblocks over the past 5 years, I am now ready to share my mistakes, victories, failures, and entrepreneurial journey through an interactive 360+ page book and workbook. This comprehensive resource is designed to guide entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into kickass startups.

Each purchase will include a dedicated 1-on-1 session with each purchaser to discuss the contents of the book and get business help.

Inside Book:
Each Chapter has 4-10 Parts + Worksheets
  • Chapter 1: Defining Your Business Idea
  • Chapter 2: Business Plan
  • Chapter 3: Legal Considerations
  • Chapter 4: Setting up your business
  • Chapter 5: Developing a Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Chapter 6: Sales and Customer Acquisitions
  • Chapter 7: Financial Management
  • Chapter 8: Sales and Growth Strategies
  • Chapter 9: Terminology
  • Chapter 10: Templates and Worksheet
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Prepare to Work.

That little thing between a dream and reality is execution! This book goes beyond mere reading; it's about taking action. Inside, you'll discover over 70 pages of worksheets to assist you in conducting research, creating a business plan, and much more. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the practical aspects of building your startup.

Confront Yourself.

Inside you will find several worksheetshelping you understand how you deal with issues that arise in your business. Are you assessor, do you panic, do you shut down--how do you handle stress that comes along with running a business. I will use many of my personal experiences in creating this section.