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Chaymeriyia Moncrief

Just start the damn Business: The Basics of Starting

Just start the damn Business: The Basics of Starting

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"It's up to you to Take the First Shot: Just start the damn Business" is the very first book of the series. 

In this ebook, I go over the basics of getting your business started. You will learn everything from Market Research to Opening a Business Bank Account.

I will talk about Branding, Trademarking, and even Marketing Tactics I've personally used that have worked and gotten my brands where they are today.

No more, "I don't know where to start." After you complete, you should have your business idea ready, legally operating, and ready to execute.

These steps are the steps every business must take to get things going. But remember, the execution and implementation after completing the book and workbook are up to you.

There are workbook pages within the ebook, be prepared to get to work as you go through each chapter and step.


  • Market Research
  • Products/Services
  • Your Target Market
  • Your Logo/Website
  • The Legal Stuff
  • Marketing
  • The Business Plan Layout
  • Resources
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