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Chaymeriyia Moncrief

Launching a Million Dollar Electronics Brand

Launching a Million Dollar Electronics Brand

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Inside, I am finally giving the INSIDE on launching my electronics brand, NSPRE™, and just how I generate over $3M a year. Not only that, in this installment, I tell you how I raised $8M in total funding, how I market, the challenges, and even give you the manufacturers behind the entire brand-- I leave nothing out.


Inside the Book:

  • My Aha Moments
  • Launching During the Pandemic
  • The Challenges
  • Getting Funding
  • Marketing
  • My Manufactures
  • Getting Press
  • Resources


The Benefit

Not only does this book installment covers the launching of my Electronics brand, but it also gives you resources and steps on applying these same tactics to your business idea or current brands-- not just an electronics brand. 

Funding Notes

I have included 3 funding notes from three of my biggest investors, who all have $250k+ each invested in both of my startups. All three give tips on what they look for in companies they invest in and why they invested in NSPRE™.

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