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HustleCity™ Shopify Program

The dynamics of the program is to help eCommerce brand owners get launched on Shopify and their eCommerce store fully set up and ready to go.


In this program, I help Apparel and other Product launchers with professionally setting their store, adding apps to operate and scale. setting up their policies, creating an affiliate marketing program, and how to get their store capital ready.


As a bonus, you get access to an additional self-learning course that'll teach you how to maintain your store, unlimited access to all future updates to the course, and help with setting up and connecting your social media channels and Shopify sales channels.


This program does not have a precise duration, but the program is estimated to take 3-weeks to complete.

Who's This For?

This program may not be for everyone...


Ready to Sell

Sometimes we try things and buy inventory for our ideas and try to sell them offline because we don't know how to go about getting them online.


This is for you! Whether you have a wholesale products, handmade products, or a bunch of t-shirts-- this program helps you get these things online and give them home to sell.


Help Scaling Operations

Maybe you have an online store on Shopify or outside of it, but you're stuck. This program is perfect to get help with scaling tactics, marketing, and helping you jumpstart building your brand community outside of social media. This community is all a part of scaling your brand.

Get help scaling revenue from your current standings.


Scale Your Look

Believe it or not, the way your visuals look and are presented can make or break your business. Customers can see an image of something and change their minds about the purchase.


This program is perfect to help you revamp your product visuals and ensure that your imagery isn't halting your revenue.


Signing Up + Starting

Week One is all about getting started:


  • Signing Up

  • Setting up Policies

  • Setting up Backend

  • Selecting Store Theme



Adding Products

Part Two is dedicated to adding up to 10 products to your store. Even if you only have 1 product, we can build your store as a 1-product site.


  • Add up to 10 Products

  • Setting up all products in full

  • Creating SKUs for all products

  • Creating Mockups / Photo Resources



Create Visuals + Socials

Week Three is dedicated creating your first set of visuals and video content for your newly built social media pages, website and more.


  • Create all Social media Channels

  • Audit your current channels

  • Get 2 pieces of User Generated Content

  • Basics of setting up IG/Tiktok/FB Ads

  • Qualifying for funding for Shopify Store



Store Migration



  • Help Migrating your store from your current platform if you are already selling outside of Shopify. This process is done by a third-party website and may result in a fee depending the size of the migration. (This fee is not paid to me).


Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

This program requires teamwork! In order to get the program moving and your eCommerce store going, you have to get to work and complete the task needed on your end so that I can do my part.

How it Works

This program is simple but effective. We will meet at the end of each week to prepare for each week of tasks to get your Shopify Store and eCommerce brand launched. Week one will consist solely of setting up and getting your store up and ready. Here now? Go ahead and sign up and get one little task out of the way. Sign up HERE.

What you Need

Shopify Launch Program


  • Launch your store in 30-Days

  • Custom Domain Name

  • Professional email Address

  • Resources & Apps to Scale

  • Visuals for Products

  • Light Brand Activation +$250

  • Shopify Capital Tactics & More

Program Starts 11/25

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