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Understanding the Stock Market.

Terminology, Stocks, Options, Bonds, Crypto and more.

Understanding the Stock Market.

This book is intended for readers aged 15 and above. I began learning about stocks at this age, but didn't start investing until after high school. In writing this book, I aim to present "complex" concepts in simple terms, making it easy to understand and apply basic investment principles and understanding.

When I first started investing shortly after high school, some of the first stocks I invested in were: Amazon, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola. Although I had been learning about the stock market for 2 years before I actually started investing, I sucked at it once I started.


I would buy partial shares, see it decrease by $1 or $3, get scared and take my money back out and be at a loss. Then, a few days later I will see that the stock increased again and try to buy back in-- I mean it was terrible.

But as I became a better investor and learned patience, and truly began to understand the market it became easier and easier and I quickly realized that investing was easier than many people thought it was when they actually took the time out to learn.

I believe that the hardest thing to genuinely learn is the game of patience and leaving your money alone once it was on the stock market. Now, investing over 11 years, the game has become more natural to me and smooth sailing and boy has my patience level become iron tough.

As the saying goes, "A patience investor is a great investor"

Understand and Learn to Invest in the Stocks, Crypto and More.png

A simple guide to understanding the stock market.

Understanding the stock market isn't as hard as you may think! Simply taking the time to understand investing terminology is honestly the basis for helping you get started on the market.


In this eBook, my goal is to simplify the market, share basic strategies and get in you on the journey of investing. This eBook includes 100+ Pages of learning material, quizzes and other breakdowns.

Please be sure to use the proper email address because your download link will be sent directly to your email address on your order.

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